Top Companies In Michigan

top companies michigan

Michigan is arguably one of the highly industrialized states in the United States. It depends on industries for its growth and developments, and the government has highly financed the sector to ensure its citizens get job opportunities and to drive the economy of the state.

This state has a variety of companies dealing in different services. It ranges from automotive, technology, finance, tourism, hospitality, and many others. The state is home to both international and domestic companies offering different services. Michigan boasts of world’s most innovative and inventive companies with enhanced experience in their area of expertise.

Among the top companies in Michigan include:

Ford Motor Credit Company

ford motor company

This is an automobile company with concentration in offering automobile financing for its customers. It provides effective purchasing policies for Ford and Lincoln vehicles to ensure its customers get the best retail installment policies without being swindled by middlemen. This company has been instrumental in providing sale and lease contracts and enhanced support for dealer financing and issuing of commercial paper on behalf of Ford and Lincoln. The company offers job opportunities to many Michigan citizens and is seen as the best contributor to the state’s development.

American Axle and Manufacturing Company

This is a privately owned company with its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. The company engineers and designs drivetrain and driveline systems for small and light trucks, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and others. It also specializes in manufacturing and supply of powertrain, metal formed components and chassis system components, beam and drive axles, front axles, and even electronic stabilizer systems. American Axle and Manufacturing Company has its branches in other parts of the world including Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Michigan Sugar Company

Michigan Sugar Company was founded in 1906 to provide sustainable sugar supply and production. The company is located in Bay City, Michigan, and deals in processing and selling beet sugar. It operates four beet sugar factories all across the United States with a projected workforce of over 2000 employees. The company also operates shipping and distribution harbors in Michigan and the neighboring state of Ohio.

North West Broadcasting Company


With information proving to be a vital contributor to the economy and innovation in every state, North West Broadcasting Company delivers news and entertainment to citizens of Michigan. The company has its location in Okemos, Michigan, and operates twelve television stations. Brian Brady founded the broadcasting company in 1995 to provide information and other services to the Michigan population.

Future Help Designs

Technology is currently the backbone of every development in the world which has triggered innovation and invention. Future Help Designs in a technology company based in Pontiac, Southeast Michigan. The company specializes in developing and designing mobile applications and cloud hosting. These applications have contributed significantly to easy communication and access to internet services from anywhere. With these mobile applications, developers can undertake online jobs and even work from home. If you’re looking for a IT services company in NYC, check out Ajax Technologies, Inc.

These are among the many companies located in Michigan that has transformed development and industrialization to put the state on the frontline as one of the most developed in the US.