Best Civilian Assault Rifles in the Market Today

best civilian assault rifles
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When it comes to the industry of gun production, many manufacturers have been so keen to improve the design in which they are manufactured. Since World War 1, many guns have been made and actually, it will be more than challenging if you are looking for best civilian assault rifles in the market today. There are other factors you need to consider that really define what civilian assault rifles are. First of all, they are characterized by the ability to reload the bullets as fast as possible, has a low recoil, good accuracy, reliable and many more.

5 Best Civilian Assault Rifles in the World

1. AK-47

Designed by the legendary Mikhail Kalashnikov, many people make use of this rifle because of its design and other features which are very important. There are many manufacturers who make it and that gives an advantage of its availability whenever needed. It has a high rate of fire and great stopping power with its mammoth 7.62mm bullets but mediocre accuracy especially when in full-auto. Heavy recoil due to the large bullets, but you can install an AK-47 recoil system to lessen it.


• Made of simple design hence easily usable. Even a kid can fire it when given the right instructions. (Sadly, this really happens in some parts of our world)
• It cost less compared to other rifles available in the market
• Made of a strong steel chassis which make it durable. In fact, it’s considered by many as one of the most reliable rifles of all time.


• The parts are not easily available in the market.
• The magazine profile can be inadequate if used in full-auto. (Can be solved by purchasing an extended magazine)

2. AR-15

So far this is among the best civilian assault rifles available in the market today. They are variations of m-4 and m-16 that existed back in the 1950s. They have been preferred for military purposes because of its ergonomic design.


Simple to use. It’s customized in a way that a newbie will only need few lessons and you will be set to use it.
Reliable. The previous models of these rifles constructed in the late 1950s wasn’t that reliable but with the improvements made, it has become the most reliable rifle which can require only minimal maintenance.
Modular system. This system makes AR-15 to be the one of the few rifles in the market that can be upgraded, replaced, repaired or customized
• Uses the piston-gas system. You can remove the bolt carrier with your barehands wihout burning your self after firing. The major drawback of this system against the direct impingement is the snappier recoil. You can lessen it by purchasing an AR-15 recoil buffer assembly.


• The weight is too much hence may not be favorable
• It has a relatively higher price

3. Bushmaster ACR

bushmaster acr

Bushmaster has been so keen to take top position among the manufacturers of assault rifles. Even though they may have done their best, but still there are many improvements that can be done to their Bushmaster ACR model. There are several qualities that make it the best choice among the stealth rifles.


• Its ergonomic design features an ambidextrous control system
• It has a telescopic stock which folds
• You will get a push button with a 2-point sling system
• Has a built-in rail system to accommodate the accessories


• It’s heavier than most of the assault rifles
• Low magazine profile of about 20 rounds
• They are not as customizable compared to the AR-15

4. CZ Bren

If you are thinking of buying a civilian assault rifle for your protection, then you should begin by figuring out how important the CZ Bren can be to you. Its design at the initial phase of manufacturing was that it was to be a pistol. The advancements have been done and it’s now falling among the best civilian assault rifles. It can be used for home protection and shooting in areas where there is a fixed space.


• It has a magazine profile of 30 rounds
• Its size makes it the best option for mobile shooters
• CZ Bren has a barrel length of 16.2 inches


• The parts are not customizable
• The cost is relatively high

5. FN SCAR 17S

FN SCAR 17S is so far the best adaptive combat gun that has ever been constructed. It has an ergonomic design which makes it a good choice for most of the people.


• It’s designed with an adjustable stock and handguard attachments
• Its 7.4 pounds making it lighter than Bushmaster ACR
• It has an ambidextrous control system and a charging handle


• It’s very expensive compared to the highlighted rifles above
• The parts are not easily available in the market