Must Try Michigan Food

michigan foods

Michigan is famous for putting their own spin on traditional dishes and making them belong uniquely to this state. Their distinct handling of a number of conventional dishes has resulted in master piece creations that delight the taste buds of natives and visitors alike. So whether you are visiting or a resident, it is a must to try the following Michigan foods.

The Coney Dog that Came out of Detroit

This one owes its popularity to the hardworking blue collar folks and originated from Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island. It is made by slathering a hot dog with onions, mustard and chili. A convenient and yummy meal.

The Must Try Pizzamust try pizza

The Detroit square pizza was created by Buddy’s Pizza, Detroit in the 40s. The daily-made dough is double stretched before fixing in a square deep-dish pan that results in a thick but airy crust. This style of pizza is famous for its cheesy corners and crispy crust.

Pastries to Die for

Pastry creation is considered serious business in Michigan, where they even have a festival to celebrate their existence. No matter what kind of taste you have in pastries-traditional meat-filled ones, mini pastries or vegetable ones-you will likely find the best version down in Michigan.

The Staple

Double-Baked Rye Bread is the creation of the Stage & Co. Deli owner, Jack Goldberg, who created it in 1956. This bread became popular because of the soft sturdy center encased in a crispy crust that is produced after baking the break twice. The popularity of the bread means that this unique bread can be found in many delis across Michigan.

The Fudge that Came Out of an Island

mackinac island fudge

Mackinac Island Fudge is a centuries old decadent treat that draws fans from all over the world to the island the fudge is named after. While there are many shops that specialize in this Michigan food, Murdick’s has a wide selection and dates back to the 1800s.